How do you use gunpowder on Poptropica?

How do you use gunpowder on Poptropica?

To put it to use, go in front of the cave in the Vikings period with the entrance blocked by a bunch of rocks. Click on the rocks to use your Gunpowder, and the entrance will be cleared. Inside this cave mini game unlocked by the Gunpowder is the Golden Vase.

How do you get the gunpowder in Poptropica Mystery of the map?

Use your map to go to the fortress. Walk to the right and collect the goblet that falls from the trash chute. Head to the waterfall, equip the goblet, and catch a fish by clicking on it. Go to the camp where you got the shovel, and the Viking should be asleep, allowing you to grab the gunpowder.

Where is Thor’s Hammer in Poptropica?

Role on PoptropiCon Island The Mjolnir is found inside a portable toilet, after it was left there accidentally by a particular Poptropican who had brought it to give it to his friend in return for a ticket into the con. The player dresses up as this Poptropican and brings the Mjolnir to the friend.

How do you power up the time machine in Poptropica?

Go right. Once you reach Pendulum’s Lab (with the distressed lady in front), go in and right again. Talk to the people there, and they will tell you WHAT the problem is with this town. Then go downstairs and push the switch all the way right to activate the time machine.

Where is the barrel of explosives in Poptropica?

Use the Time Device to go to the construction of the Great Wall of China (6 o’clock, 1593 AD), keep going on the right and you will find a barrel of gunpowder.

How do you get the Viking armor in Poptropica?

The Viking Suit is an item that can be obtained on Time Tangled Island. It is found by using the Glider and jumping off of a rock at Vikings. The Viking Suit is optional, meaning it is not needed to obtain the Island Medallion.

What islands are still on Poptropica?

Poptropica has had 50+ islands over its runtime, and more are currently being planned….Islands.

2007 Early Poptropica Island | Shark Tooth Island
2016 Monkey Wrench Island
2017 Crisis Caverns Island | 24 Carrot Island (Remastered)
2018 Greek Sea Odyssey
2019 Snagglemast Island | Reality TV: Wild Safari Island

How do you find Realms on Poptropica?

You can find Realms by going to the right side of Home Island and climbing over the Blast Off Arcade! Members can publish their creations for the world to see, get Likes from other Poptropicans, and might even pop up here on the blog from time to time!

How do you do the time travel on Poptropica?

Go to the left and meet your future self. Your future self will be 50 years older than you are. Talk to him/her and he/she will give you a Time Device to travel back in time in order to restore history. Click on the icon on the lower left of your screen to use the Time Device.

How do you get past Time Tangled Island on Poptropica?

Go to Timbuktu Inn on the right.

  1. Jump over the snake on the right.
  2. Jump onto the ledge made of logs.
  3. Jump onto a similar one above it.
  4. Jump on top of the tall rock structure on the right.
  5. Jump to the right of the tall rock formation.
  6. Jump down from the rock formation and to the right.

How do you get the golden vase in Poptropica?

The Golden Vase can be found inside a cave in the Vikings (831 AD) time period of Time Tangled Island. To get it, go in front of the cave with the entrance blocked by a bunch of rocks. Click on the rocks to use your Gunpowder. The entrance will be cleared.

How do I get the Journal on Poptropica?

To get it, go to the very left, where you will see a man next to a box and a barrel. Jump onto the box, then to the roof of the house by the platforms marked “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie.” Move along the roof, and jump onto the chimney.

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