How do you unlock things in Sims Bustin Out?

How do you unlock things in Sims Bustin Out?

Cheat List

  1. Gnome Cheat: R2, L1, R1, L2, LEFT, CIRCLE (a gnome will appear on the Sim’s property signifying cheats are now allowed).
  2. Fill motives: L2, R1, LEFT, CIRCLE, UP.
  3. Unlock all locations: R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1.
  4. Unlock all objects: L2, R2, UP, TRIANGLE, L3.
  5. Unlock all Socials: L1, R1, DOWN, X, L3, R3.

How do you pause on Sims Bustin Out ps2?

Pause the game at any time while playing and input the following cheat codes with the PS2 controller. You must activate the Gnome cheat before you can use the Fill All Motives and Get $10,000 cheats….The Sims: Bustin’ Out Cheat Codes.

Cheat Code
Unlock All Social Options L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3

How do you get married on Sims Bustin Out GBA?


  1. Fill up all your motives.
  2. Call the Sim you want to propose to.
  3. Serve a meal before the Sim arrive.
  4. Greet the Sim when he/she arrives.
  5. Allow the Sim to fill his/her motive up like going to the toilet.
  6. If he/she does not do anything to fill up him/her Fun Motive, do something fun and let him/her join you.

How do you get cheats Gnome on PS2?

How to Unlock the Sims 2 Cheat Gnome. To use cheat codes, activate the Cheat Gnome. To do so, pause the game and enter L1, R1, Up, X, R2 on the PS2 controller. The Cheat Gnome appears by your mailbox outside your home.

How do you enter cheats on Sims Bustin Out Gamecube?

GCN Cheats

  1. Permit cheats: DOWN, L, Z, R, LEFT, X (this causes a gnome to appear on the Sim’s property, signifying cheats are enabled)
  2. Unlock all locations: DOWN, Z, R, L, Z.
  3. Unlock all objects: DOWN, Z, LEFT, RIGHT, R (alternate versions: DOWN, Z, UP, UP, R and LEFT, Z, UP, UP, R)
  4. Sims never tire: Z, R, L, UP, DOWN, UP.

Who can you marry in Sims Bustin Out?

Greet your lover. It should be about 10 or 11 AM by now.

Where can I play Urbz Sims?

The Urbz: Sims in the City is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox consoles, as well as the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS portable systems.

How do you get more money on Sims 2 ps2?

After activating the Cheat Gnome, input these codes using the PS2 controller….Cheat Codes for The Sims 2 on PS2.

Effect Cheat Code
Give Money — 9,999 Simoleons R1, L1, R2, Right, Left
Horn Audio R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle

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