How do you say okay in Tongan?

How do you say okay in Tongan?

Koe ha e taimi?…Tonga: Important Phrases.

Fefe hake How are you?
Sai pe Fine, Alright,well
Malo Thank you
Malo ‘aupito Thank you very much
‘Ikai No

What does Faka mean in Tongan?

Good bye – (said to someone who is going, when you are staying, very formal) Faka’au a.

What does Lotu mean in Tongan?

In Polynesia, lotu basically means to worship or to pray. It also means religion. Kāinga and lotu were put together to create the term kāingalotu. Individuals who worship (lotu) together become kin (kāinga). In other words, if you worship together you are kāingalotu (kin members).

What does Malo e Lelei mean in Tongan?

The typical verbal greeting in Tonga is ‘Malo e lelei’ (Hello). …

What does LAHO mean?

n. 1. Scrotum; with qualifiers, a term of abuse.

What does Ufa mean?


Acronym Definition
UFA Unrestricted Free Agent (sports)
UFA Uniformed Firefighters Association
UFA Université Franco-Allemande (French: Franco-German University; Germany)
UFA Up for Adoption

What does Leka mean in Tongan?

Entry Orthography English
24 leka small
25 lika know something about
26 loka rough sea
27 luku old and weak

What does IFOU mean?


Acronym Definition
IFOU International Forum on Urbanism (Netherlands)
IFOU Iraq Federation of Oil Unions

What is Talofa lava?

Samoan greeting meaning ‘hello’, sometimes extended to ‘talofa lava’, which means ‘hello to you’.

What does Talofa mean in English?

life, live long
Talofa is a salutation or greeting in the Samoan language of the Samoan Islands. Another Samoan salutation To life, live long! properly translated Ia ola! also echoes in places such as Aotearoa (New Zealand), where the formal greeting in Māori is Kia ora and in Tahiti (French Polynesia) where it is ‘Ia orana.

What does Malie mean in Tongan?

Introduction. The terminology, mālie, is an indigenous word in Tongan language and culture, one of the many languages and cultures identified in the South Pacific. Mālie means good, pleasing, pleasant, interesting, advantageous, helpful, splendid, fine, commendable, admirable, or very satisfactory (Churchward 1953).

What is a Fa Fa?

Samoan Fa’afafine – or “Fafa” – are men who are raised as females and identify with that gender. They mostly have relationships with heterosexual men and are generally not gay.

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