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How do you remove the censor on Sims 2?

How do you remove the censor on Sims 2?

Removing the Blur in The Sims 2 While you are playing the game, press Control+Shift+C. A small field appears at the top of the screen. This is where you can enter cheat codes. Enter ‘intprop censorgridsize 0’ to turn off the nude blur.

Can you have babies in Sims 2 PS2?

Pregnancy lasts approximately three Sim days (75 in-game hours). After this time is up, your Sim will give birth. How do I have a female baby on the Sims 2 Pets? Unfortunately, you cannot have a baby on the Sims 2 Pets.

How do you unlock places on Sims 2 PS2?

Unlock Secret Locations in The Sims 2 on PS2 Fulfill Betty Buttercup’s requests (like to marry Captain Nelson) until she’s Platinum so that she’ll tell you the next location. To find Alien Crash Site, fulfill Toothless Joe’s dreams until the Sim gets an aspiration called Visit New Location.

Is Sims 2 free now?

The Sims 2 is now free on Origin, swimming pools and 18 expansions included. By way of compensation, they offered to upgrade digital copies of the game to its Ultimate Collection, which includes every one of the game’s expansions and Stuff Packs.

How do you make a Sim uncensored?

You will need to do this every time the game updates.

  1. Start your game.
  2. Click the button with three dots in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Game Options.
  4. Click Other in the Options menu.
  5. Check “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Enable Script Mods”.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
  7. Restart your game.

How do you remove blur from Mosaic?

Right-click on the layer that includes the mask in the “Layers” panel and then click “Delete Layer Mask” in the small window that appears. This will delete the mosaic effect from your image.

Can a Sim get pregnant from WooHoo?

Regular WooHoo never results in pregnancy, and Sims who are hoping to start a family in this way need to use the ‘Try for Baby’ option instead.

How do you change the gender of your baby on Sims 2?

Click the sim that you want to be the biological parent. You can choose a male or female since both sexes can become pregnant within “The Sims.” The baby will be an exact clone of the parent, but will be born the opposite gender. Click the Tombstone of Life or Death and select the “impregnate” option.

How do you return to life on Sims 2 ps2?

Select the Sim you want to resurrect and “call” them. If their grave/urnstone is on the lot, it should disappear. Double-click on the once-dead Sim’s portrait and it should zoom to the far right side of the screen (behind the road). The resurrected Sim should be standing there.

How do you increase your needs on Sims 2?

Is there a cheat to make ONE sim’s needs go up? BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true (do it at neighbourhood screen as you need a loading screen for this to work) and you can just click and drag the needs either way.

Can you install sims 2 without disc?

Re: Downloading sims 2 without disk drive If you still have your game keys an EA Game Advisor can add the game to your Origin account and you can then play without disc. As Sims 2 is an older game you’ll have to contact an EA Game Advisor to have it added to your Origin account.

When did Sims 5 release?

The SIMS 5 Release Date, Trailer, Rumors, Leaks, News

The Sims 5 Life simulation game
The Sims 5 Release Date: 2021-2022
The Sims 5 Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Macintosh operating systems

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