How do I pay with Petro Points?

How do I pay with Petro Points?

How to get a Fuel Savings Reward card.

  1. Visit a Petro‑Canada location.
  2. Redeem your points for a 5¢ or 10¢ gas savings card. How to use your card. At the pump, if you have a plastic Petro‑Points card, swipe that first. Then swipe your Fuel Savings Reward card. Or, show it before you pay in store. That’s it.

How do I get a Petro card?

PetroCard has made it easy to apply online through our third party partner, Bectran, ensuring you receive the most secure credit process available….Information needed to complete application:

  1. Valid email address.
  2. Bank name and location, routing number, account number.
  3. Voided check.
  4. Accounts payable contact information.

Can you transfer Petro points from one card to another?

Yes, you can transfer the balance from one registered card to another. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-668-0220. You can claim missing points online through your Petro‑Points account with the following conditions: Purchases must be from within the last 60 days.

How many Petro points equal a dollar?

1,000 points
Every 1,000 points = $1 off.

How do I use my digital Petro Points card?

collect Petro‑Points™ when you fuel or in-store with the digital card. activate a car wash from the app. manage Petro‑Canada fuel and car wash cards with our digital wallet. redeem points in-app for eGift cards.

How do you use a Petro car wash?

Our Petro‑Canada Wash & Go card.

  1. No tickets. No expiry.
  2. Use at any SuperWash or GlideWash location.
  3. Tap your card at the car wash entrance and let the wash begin.

How much is a petro card?

The $25 Preferred Price card is valid for 10 cents per litre savings on 250L of fuel. Use it on all grades of fuel, even diesel, at over 1,500 participating Petro-Canada retail stations.

How does a petro card work?

Your Petro Card comes with a chip & PIN – an additional security feature. This means: The microchip works with your PIN instead of your signature for transaction verification. With chip and PIN technology you get increased security against unauthorised use of your Petro Card, convenience and added peace of mind.

Do Petro Canada points expire?

Choices include taking dollars off any purchase, redeeming for fuel savings cards and redeeming for gift cards at partner retailers. The program has 4.5 million active members, the company said, and is available across Canada. Current Petro-Points balances will not change, and Petro-Points never expire.

Are Petro Points worth it?

Summary. Petro Points have their best value for car washes and fuel savings cards. Car washes return between 1c and 2c for 10 Petro Points. Fuel savings are best done through Fuel Savings Rewards cards.

How do I convert Petro points to CAA Dollars?

Find the CAA logo box, click “Exchange My Petro-Points,” enter a valid CAA Membership number, the amount of Points you would like to exchange and click “Redeem.” You can also call Petro-Points directly at 1 (800) 668-0220 to exchange Petro-Points to CAA Dollars.

Is a Petro Points Card worth it?

What do you need to know about petrocard?

For over three decades, PetroCard has been dedicated to providing reliable and convenient access through our cardlock and retail networks, on-site mobile fueling, bulk fuel, marine fueling, and lubricants. As our customers’ needs change, so do we.

When was petrocard Czech s.r.o.established?

PETROCard Czech, s.r.o. was established in 1993. The main focus of its activities is the development, production, sale and maintenance of transportable fuel stations (self-service transportable petrol stations) of the AVK series.

What are the benefits of petrocard mobile app?

Benefits of PetroCard + Mobile App. PRE-PAID system that allows for better management and control. Promotes a cashless environment for increased safety and security of the user. Electronically manages fuel consumption in controlling and monitoring monthly fuel expenses. Tailors fuel consumption in ensuring that your funds are spent on fuel only.

What are the terms and conditions of the Petro card?

**Courtesy services are covered up to a maximum of R644 inclusive of VAT for emergencies occurring more than 100 kilometres from your home. Terms, conditions and rules apply. Your Petro Card comes with a chip & PIN – an additional security feature. The card has an embedded microchip that’s virtually impossible to duplicate.

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