How do I know the tonnage of my Heil air conditioner?

How do I know the tonnage of my Heil air conditioner?

For Heil, you should look for two numbers in a cluster in the middle of the model number. They are divisible by 6 or 12, and represent the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 60 divided by 12 equals 5, so the data plate below indicates the system is 5 tons.

How do I know what tonnage my compressor is?

Divide the number listed by 12,000. This will tell you how many tons your HVAC compressor is. For example, if the BTU number listed is 36,000, divide it by 12,000 and you’ll see that you have a 3 ton unit.

Is Heil a good unit?

Generally speaking, Heil has a good reputation for making some of the best central air conditioning units that are both durable and affordable, with a no-hassle replacement warranty cover on high-end models.

How do I tell what size my AC unit is?

Calculate Size To calculate the size, simply multiply the length times the width of the room or area to be cooled. Then, as a practical number, multiply that total times 25 BTU. This allows ample cooling, whether it is a rainy, moist day or a hot, sunny, humid day.

How do I determine what size air conditioner I need?

To calculate the size of the air conditioner you need for a room, first, multiply the length of the room with its width. Then multiply it with 25 BTU to get the ample cooling for the room under different weather conditions. For example, if the room is 15 feet long and 12 feet wide, it comes to 180 square feet.

How is tonnage calculated?

1 ton equals 12,000 BTU. That means that, on average, we will need 0.0016 tons per square foot….Tonnage Table.

Area (Square Feet): BTU Tonnage
600 sq ft 12,000 BTU 1 Ton
900 sq ft 18,000 BTU 1.5 Tons
1,200 sq ft 24,000 BTU 2 Tons
1,500 sq ft 30,000 BTU 2.5 Tons

Is Heil owned by carrier?

Heil HVAC company is a division of United Technologies which is a parent company of Carrier, Bryant, Tempstar, Arcoaire and several other HVAC companies. While Heil is a sister company of Carrier, it’s product lineup is significantly different. On the other hand, Bryant and Carrier have almost exactly the same lineup.

How long do Heil AC units last?

Heil rarely do any marketing promotion and that’s why the Heil’s price is lower. If you can choose a good contractor to do a qualified installation, it can runs normally for 10-20 years.

How do you read the tonnage of a Carrier AC unit?

A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 48 divided by 12 equals 4, so the data plate below indicates the system is 4 tons. Here’s a rundown of the range you will encounter: 18 = 1.5 tons, 24 = 2 tons, 30 – 2.5 tons, 36 = 3 tons, 42 = 3.5 tons, 48 = 4 tons, and 60 = 5 tons.

How do I determine the tonnage of my AC unit?

First, find out your the area of you room. Then divide it by 600 to get the basic capacity. So, if you room is 100 sq. feet, the basic AC capacity required will be 0.167 tons (100 / 600).

What size central air conditioner do I need for a 3000 sq ft home?

Tonnage Table

Area (Square Feet): BTU Tonnage
2,700 sq ft 54,000 BTU 4.5 Tons
3,000 sq ft 60,000 BTU 5 Tons
3,300 sq ft 66,000 BTU 5.5 Tons
3,600 sq ft 72,000 BTU 6 Tons

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