How do I get sponsors for my race?

How do I get sponsors for my race?


  1. Treat your Race Team as a Business. Contacting a sponsor is like contacting a potential employer.
  2. Sponsorship Proposal.
  3. Research the company.
  4. Establish a Relationship.
  5. Do Business with a Potential Sponsor.
  6. Appreciate Technical Assistance.
  8. Use proper spelling and grammar.

How can I get a sponsor?

5 Steps to Get Sponsorship for Your Events

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR ASSETS TO A SPONSOR. Sponsors leverage their sponsorship as a marketing strategy.
  2. TIMING IS IMPORTANT. Most companies only do event sponsoring at certain times of the year.

What is the best dirt bike sponsorship?

Motocross Sponsors – Gary’s top picks:

  • Fox Racewear.
  • Dunlop Tires.
  • Maxima Racing Lubricants.
  • Wiseco Engine Parts.

What does a sponsor get in return?

Sponsors offer funding or products and services to support events, trade shows, teams, nonprofits, or organizations. In exchange, you get business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers.

How do I start a racing business?

How to Start a Motorsport Business

  1. Determine what type of motorsport store you will have.
  2. Create a business plan related to your motorsport business.
  3. Complete the legal aspects of setting up your business.
  4. Secure a location for your motorsport business.
  5. Acquire the inventory that you will need to sell.

What can you offer to sponsors?

On offer could be: provision of membership to key sponsor personnel, admittance to games, invitations to functions, opportunities to present awards, toss the coin, address the players pre match, speak at functions, speak on the PA during an event etc.

What do sponsors get in return?

What Are The Benefits Of Event Sponsorship?

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Audience insights.
  • Direct access to ideal customer profile (ICP) data.
  • Lead generation.
  • Social media/website traffic/focused content strategy.
  • Opportunities for sales closes with warm prospects.
  • Highlighting a product or service offering.
  • Brand building.

How do you get a Dunlop sponsor?

To qualify, riders must ride on Dunlop tires for the entire week and display proper Dunlop tire stickers and logos. See the Dunlop rig on site for more details.

How much do sponsors usually pay?

Sponsorships come in different shapes and sizes and can range from free products, to $100 per video, up to many thousands per video. I have done a few paid sponsorships on my YouTube channel, but I would pay you $20 if you could figure out which ones.

Can racing be a tax write off?

You may deduct the cost of driving to races and promotional appearances. You must choose either the actual operating expenses or the standard mileage rate, which typically is adjusted each year for inflation in the average operating costs.

How do I start a motor sports business?

Which is the best site to get sponsorship for motocross? is the fastest and easiest way to get sponsored. Since 2005, MXSponsor has been used to establish over 1.6 million sponsorship deals. is used by most motocross companies and has the biggest sponsorships of any other site.

How to become a sponsor of risk racing?

If you would like to apply for a sponsorship with Risk Racing you can do so by several different methods. Choose one of our sponsorship partners, or apply directly. We can’t wait to have you on our Team!

How to get sponsored for a dirt bike race?

How To Get Sponsored 1 The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Sponsorship Rainbow. So what should you hope to get from a company? 2 Build An Audience. Simply appearing at a race isn’t enough, even if you finish well. 3 Making Contact. 4 The Agreement. 5 Final Thoughts.

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