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How do I get my child to lose weight without hurting her feelings?

How do I get my child to lose weight without hurting her feelings?

We’ll help you talk about it without hurting her feelings….Never Say Diet

  1. Show respect for your own body. If your daughter hears you say, “My butt is so fat, I’m gross,” she’ll learn to equate self-esteem with appearance.
  2. Praise her effort, not the results.
  3. Avoid comparisons to classmates.

What is overweight for a 11 year old female in pounds?

Calculating overweight and obesity in children and adolescents

Overweight cut-off BMI greater than or equal to: Obese cut-off BMI greater than or equal to:
10 19.84 24.11
10.5 20.20 24.77
11 20.55 25.42
11.5 20.89 26.05

Is it easy for an 11 year old to lose weight?

The more often an 11-year-old can avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, the faster he can achieve a healthy size. Fad diets and skipping meals may seem like an easy way to lose weight. But, these strategies cause an 11-year-old to miss out on nutrients that are critical for growth and development, brain function and energy.

What should I do if my 11 year old is too heavy?

Simply playing outdoors with her friends may not be enough. More vigorous or prolonged exercise may be necessary to help her maintain an appropriate weight. Your physician or a physical therapist could review appropriate exercise guidelines for children her age.

How many calories should a 13 year old girl eat?

11 years old to 13 years old: 2,200 calories per day 14 to 17 years old: 2,400 to 2,800 per day For girls who are moderately active, the ranges are: 7 to 9 years old: 1,600 calories per day

What’s the best thing for an 11 year old to do?

Include your 11-year-old in family activities, such as a weekend hike or after-dinner stroll. Give your child ideas of ways to be active outside of P.E. class or sports practice, such as dancing to music, skateboarding or riding a bike.

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