How do I get Hercules to help me in Poptropica?

How do I get Hercules to help me in Poptropica?

Run back to main Street and go into the “Herc’s Hero Hut” Go right and talk to Hercules. He will be reluctant to help you but he finally caves in when you tell him about the teleportation mirror. Now take him to Poseidon’s Realm (the first one on the mirror.) He will open the block for you, and you can go in.

What do you trade the salt for in Poptropica?

You can trade some of your salt with him in order to get some a bag of Grain. Click the “deal” button to trade the items. Jump over to the second merchant, and trade with her. She’ll offer a Lamp for your grain and some Cloth for some of your salt.

How do you open Hades door on Poptropica?

Go to your items and click “Use” on them while in front of Hades’ temple to give them as an offering. That’ll unlock the door, and you can enter — dropping down to the depths of the underworld!

Where do you get the glasses in Poptropica?

Push the tire all the way over the hills and bumps, until you reach the ladder to the tree house. Put the tire under the ladder, and grab Jack’s glasses. Then bounce on top of the tire to reach the ladder and enter the treehouse. You return Jack his glasses and grab the books from the left and right sides of the room.

What’s the name of the new island in Poptropica?

Red Dragon Island, officially Magic Tree House: Red Dragon Island, is the 19th island in Poptropica. The title of the video for the preview is called “Kanji Secret.”. Kanji is the characters that people use in Japanese writing. The video description of the YouTube video states “A new island is coming to Poptropica!

Where can I play all episodes of poptropicon Island?

For walkthroughs on PoptropiCon Island, scroll down. Note: You can play all the episodes on Poptropica’s mobile app on iOS and Android! The computer version of the game currently only has Episode 1.

Where to find the beard in poptropicon Island?

You’ll find the beard part of the costume on a man pushing on a vending machine. Costumize it, then jump up to the roof and costumize the hat from a girl who happens to be hiding out. You’ll find some Bottles on the way up. Once you have the hat, find the final piece of the costume on the scene to the left, on a man eating some pizza puffs.

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