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How did Tom Sawyer manage to win a Bible?

How did Tom Sawyer manage to win a Bible?

What does Tom do to win a Bible in Sunday school? He memorizes 2,000 Bible verses. He takes the blame for someone else’s misdeed. He trades the other children for their tickets.

How does Tom earn enough tickets to get a Bible from Judge Thatcher?

They are given tickets because they’ve memorized verses. Enough tickets would get them a Bible. Why are the Sunday School students given colored tickets? Tom sells his possessions to boys in return for their tickets.

Why is Tom presented with a Bible?

Tom is presented with a Bible because he has the most red tickets from reciting Bible verses. He deserve the Bible because he traded for the tickets he used to get his prize.

What does Tom get as a reward?

In the ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by Mark Twain, Tom was given a task by Aunt Polly to whitewash the fence. Thus, he got an apple and pride from Aunt Polly as the reward from whitewashing.

How did Tom Sawyer trick his friends?

One of the most prominent scenes in the book was the “fence scene”, where Tom Sawyer was tasked by his Aunt Polly to whitewash their fence as a punishment for a prior mischief. But Tom Sawyer not only turned the situation around, he spun it like a top on his palm.

What does Tom Sawyer do to win a Bible in Sunday school?

In Sunday school class, Tom claims the award of a Bible for “knowing” so many verses. Tom is then introduced to Judge Thatcher, who asks him the name of the first two apostles, and Tom blurts out “David and Goliath!”

How did Tom get his ten yellow tickets?

How did Tom get his ten yellow tickets? He traded and got the ten yellow tickets. How was Tom’s deceitfulness revealed? He was asked who the first two disciples were, and he answered David and Goliath.

What is Tom Sawyer’s scheme at Sunday school?

Why does Tom throw dirt at SID?

Tom Sawyer is often tempted to throw inanimate objects at his goody-two-shoes cousin. On this particular occasion, though, he throws some clods of earth at him. This is Tom’s revenge on Sid for ratting him out to Aunt Polly for playing hooky and going swimming.

What happens to Tom’s pinch bug?

Bored by the sermon, Tom gets his prized beetle–a “pinch-bug”–out of the “percussion-cap” box he keeps it in and it immediately pinches him. He throws it into the aisle, where it lays on its back.

How does Tom try to impress Becky?

Tom draws a house and a man. Although he draws them very badly, Becky Thatcher must be at least a little bit impressed. We can tell that she is impressed because later on, when Tom writes “I Love You” on his slate, she is not angry. Tom drew the house first.

How did Sid give Tom away?

He has been hiding in the closet, and his face is covered with jam. She tells Tom that she is going to switch him, but he distracts her and takes off over the fence.

Why does Tom go to church and carry a Bible?

Tom has made a deal with the Devil. Tom knows that the Devil always comes to collect his due. Tom turns to the Church because he is worried about his deal and his afterlife. Tom carries a Bible and goes to Church because he thinks this would thwart the Devil coming to collect from Tom.

Why does Tom make a deal with the Devil?

He begins to realize that he has made a huge mistake making his deal with the devil and tries to “redeem” himself by good living and doing what he thinks might be the right actions. Tom has made a deal with the Devil. Tom knows that the Devil always comes to collect his due.

What does Mary give Tom in the adventures of Tom Sawyer?

As Tom struggles halfheartedly to learn his Bible verses, Mary encourages and entices him with the promise of “something ever so nice.” Tom’s work ethic then improves, and he manages to memorize the verses. Mary gives him a “Barlow” knife as reward.

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