How can I bring my mascara back to life?

How can I bring my mascara back to life?

Submerging a tube of mascara into hot water and adding contact lens solution is a quick and easy way to revive your favorite mascara. For this simple makeup hack, all you’ll need is an old tube of mascara, a cup of hot water, and a few drops of contact lens solution. That’s it!

Can you add water to mascara to make it last longer?

Writing for Popsugar, Sarah said she’d discovered that the key to making your mascara last longer is water and heat. If you don’t have time to heat a mug of water and wait a minute for your mascara to loosen, Sarah suggests using saline solution like eye drops.

How do you rehydrate dry mascara?

Don’t put water into the tube. Instead, stand your tube in a mug of hot water. Leave it in for a few minutes. The heat will soften the dried mascara and give you smooth application again.

How does coconut oil fix dry mascara?

Coconut oil will also thin out your mascara, and it may even lengthen your lashes! Heat up a spoonful of the oil in the microwave for about 15-30 seconds, or until it melts. Use the spoon to put three to four drops of the (now liquid) coconut oil in your mascara tube.

How do you thin thickened mascara?

How to fix clumpy mascara in three simple steps:

  1. Drop two or three drops of contact lens solution into your mascara, close the tube and shake to allow all of the solution to mix with the mascara.
  2. Next, boil the kettle and pour hot water into a coffee cup.
  3. Finally, take your mascara out of the water.

How long should a tube of mascara last?

Mascara lasts around three to six months, and shouldn’t be kept around for longer. Think about it: You’re putting it right near your eyes on the daily! An old tube of mascara could be an eye infection waiting to happen, so consider swapping your old tube for a new one each season to stay on the safe side.

How do you keep mascara from getting dry?

How to Prevent Your Mascara from Drying Out

  1. Try not to expose your mascara to too much air.
  2. In case your mascara got drier, instantly add a drop of water or baby oil to it (depends on the base of your mascara).
  3. Always store your mascara in a relatively cool place.

What can you put in dried out mascara?

Eye drops or contact lenses solution Insert two or three droplets of eye drops that you use to refresh your eyes or even contact lenses solution, into your mascara tube. Since eye drops are more viscous than water, they will blend with the mascara without making it too watery. And it’s obviously safe for your eyes!

Can I put castor oil in dry mascara?

1) Dilute your mascara adding a few generic eye drops and shake well. 2) Another easy trick is to dilute your mascara with 2 drops of almond oil or castor oil and shake well using the mascara wand. This way your mascara is enriched with extra moisturizing properties that nourish your eyelashes!

Can I put baby oil in my mascara?

Its ultra-moisturizing properties is also what makes it an effective makeup remover. Baby oil is especially effective to use when removing eye makeup such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner. As it’s silky smooth, it doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing which should be avoided around delicate areas like the eyes.

How do you get dry Mascara out of Your Eyes?

After that, remove the mascara from this water by using a tong and see whether the mascara has loosened or not. If you find it still dry, then add few drops of olive oil (or coconut oil) into the mascara tube and close the wand. Shake it well and swirl the contents inside the wand and apply it on your eyes as you do regularly.

Why does my Mascara keep drying out in the tube?

But I am the police of wasting money. And each time you pump your mascara wand, you’re pushing air into the tube, causing the formula to dry out faster. And a dried-out formula means more clumps and flakes for you—plus, you know, more frequent runs to the drugstore for a new tube.

Which is better for dry mascara eye drops or water?

Valenti says eye drops work much better than water – particularly if the formula is waterproof. Just be sure to use a fresh eye drop bottle or one that hasn’t had any contact with your eyes to avoid bacteria making its way inside the tube. These are the Mamamia team’s favourite mascaras.

What’s the best way to reuse mascara brushes?

You can also reuse and recycle the mascara by simply washing and drying the brush and then use it as your eyebrow comb, lash divider or eye makeup remover. Always store the mascara tube in a cool dark place for their longer life.


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