How are the sniper and cranes similar?

How are the sniper and cranes similar?

“The Sniper” and “Cranes” are comparable, but they are also very different. Both of these stories are about war, and they show the effects of war on people. The main characters in both of these stories were effected by war in a major way, and this is revealed in the setting, characters, and theme.

What is a theme for both the sniper and cranes?

The theme of this short story is: “Peoples love and loyalty to friends and family are more important than political loyalty that leads to civil war.” Both of these stories are great to read and they each have a great lesson to learn.

What is the central idea of Hwang Sun Won’s story cranes?

“Cranes” is a short story about civil war and the bonds of friendship. It takes place during the Korean War, in which North Korea and South Korea battled along the 38th parallel.

What is the message of the sniper by Liam O Flaherty?

In the short story The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty, a main theme is that war is cruel. This is supported by many details within the story. War makes people do things that they normally wouldn’t do, mostly because it is their duty to protect what they believe in or their country.

What motivates the sniper in the sniper?

Perhaps he had been in his own company before the split in the army. ‘ The character is motivated by the need to survive and stay alive. ‘Morning must not find him wounded on the roof’, also to escape ‘ the enemy on the opposite roof covered his escape.

What are the themes of the sniper?

The Sniper Themes

  • Divisions. “The Sniper” abounds with all sorts of divisions, both figurative and literal.
  • War, Violence, and Enmity.
  • Chance and Ingenuity.
  • Pain and Perseverance.
  • Humanity and Remorse.

What is Cranes by Hwang?

Derrick Coy: “Cranes,” by Hwang Sunwon, is a touching story of friendship, which is rekindled by the two characters’ reflection on their childhood. Once Songsam and Tokchae freed a crane they had captured as a toy, and it flew away with another crane that a man from Seoul tried to shoot.

What do the cranes symbolize in the story cranes?

In Asian culture, cranes are generally symbols of good fortune and longevity. Since this story is set in Korea, one can assume that it depicts the same or a similar theme. The narrator describes an encounter between two childhood friends who had been separated because of the Korean War. When…

What is the best theme for The Sniper?

The main theme of “The Sniper” is the tragedy of warfare. This story is about the Irish Civil War, so it makes a more specific comment on war by showing how soldiers can become desensitized to violence and, in turn, how nations can except war as a rational solution.

What is the main conflict in the story The Sniper?

The primary, driving conflict of “The Sniper” is man versus man, given that it follows the lethal confrontation between two snipers amid the Irish Civil War.

Is the sniper flat or round?

Static/Dynamic: The sniper is a static character. Round/Flat: Flat, the author doesn’t give the sniper much background or depth, but somehow it works well for this story.

What is the irony in the sniper?

The irony is that the sniper kills his own brother. The story is set during the Irish civil war in the 1920’s. Each brother has chosen a different side on which to fight. During his battle with an enemy sniper, the author foreshadows the ending by showing how similar each shooter is.

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