Does Meijer carry Blue Bell ice cream?

Does Meijer carry Blue Bell ice cream?

Ice cream fans can look for Blue Bell at Meijer, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Harvest Market, Safeway and Walmart stores. Blue Bell offers a complete line-up of products including more than 40 flavors of ice cream, Light and No Sugar Added selections, sherbet and frozen snacks.

What states is Blue Bell sold in?

Blue Bell Creameries, a limited partnership with headquarters in the rural town of Brenham, Texas, and more than twenty branch offices, is a manufacturer of ice cream and frozen dessert products that distributes to southwestern states including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and …

Why was Blue Bell ice cream taken off the market?

According to the indictment, Texas state officials notified Blue Bell in February 2015 that two ice cream products from the company’s Brenham, Texas, factory tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, a dangerous pathogen that can lead to serious illness or death in vulnerable populations such as pregnant women.

Is Blue Bell the best ice cream?

For a brand associated with down-home ice cream and product names like Homemade Vanilla, Blue Bell sure does have a big influence in the total ice cream market. Blue Bell has regularly been among the top five selling ice cream brands in the United States, despite distributing to less than half of the country.

Does Blue Bell sell other products besides ice cream?

In addition to ice cream, the company produces frozen yogurt, sherbet, and an array of frozen treats on a stick.

Can you eat Blue Bell Ice Cream 2021?

CDC recommends that consumers do not eat any recalled Blue Bell brand products, and that institutions and retailers do not serve or sell them. This advice is particularly important for consumers at higher risk for listeriosis, including pregnant women, adults 65 and older, and people with weakened immune systems.

Is it safe to eat Blue Bell ice cream now?

What brand ice cream does Dollar General carry?

Blue Bell Ice Cream
Most Dollar General stores will carry Blue Bell Ice Cream half gallons, pints and selected take-home snacks.

Is Blue Bell sold at Walmart?

Blue Bell Creameries Blue Bell Ice Cream, 3 oz – Walmart.com.

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