Does Madagascar have a tropical climate?

Does Madagascar have a tropical climate?

Madagascar has a tropical maritime climate that is influenced by altitude, the monsoons and proximity to the sea. The highlands have a temperate climate with warm, rainy weather from mid-September to April and cooler temperatures from May to early September.

How is climate in Madagascar?

The climate of Madagascar is subtropical, with a hot and rainy season between November and the end of March (summer), and a cooler dry season from May to October (winter). Along the coast temperatures are much higher than in the capital and range from 27°C to 32°C in the wet season and 18°C to 22°C in the dry season.

Which factor most likely contributes to Madagascar’s tropical climate?

Climate of Madagascar. The climate is governed by the combined effects of the moisture-bearing southeast trade and northwest monsoon winds as they blow across the central plateau. The trade winds, which blow throughout the year, are strongest from May to October.

What are the climate zones of Madagascar?

Madagascar is a large island located in the Indian Ocean, and has a tropical climate, rainy along the east coast, arid in the south-west, and temperate in the mountains.

What is the terrain of Madagascar?

Madagascar Geography

Geographic Location Africa
Terrain narrow coastal plain, high plateau and mountains in center
Highest Point 2,876 Meters
Highest Point Location Maromokotro 2,876 m
Lowest Point Location Indian Ocean 0 m

Does Madagascar have mountains?

Hills and mountains cover much of the middle of the island. At 9,435 feet (2,876 meters), Mount Maromokotro is the country’s highest mountain. Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo, sits in the center of the island.

Is Madagascar wet or dry?

Madagascar has a tropical climate. Winter and summer are at opposite times as compared to Europe and North America. November to April is the hot, Wet season; and May to October is the mild, Dry season. There are however wide regional variations.

What climate type dominates the island of Madagascar?

The climate is tropical along the coast, temperate inland, and arid in the south. The weather is dominated by the southeastern trade winds that originate in the Indian Ocean anticyclone, a center of high atmospheric pressure that seasonally changes its position over the ocean.

How are mountain climates important in the midlatitudes?

How are mountain climates important in the midlatitudes? Mountains store water as snow; as the snow melts it provides water.

How does land type determine a location’s climate?

Land at higher latitudes receives less concentrated solar radiation due to the smaller angle at which the Sun’s rays arrive at the surface. This makes their climates generally cooler than land near the equator.

What is the climate and geography of Madagascar?

Madagascar’s geography creates many climatic subdivisions. The coastal climate is hot and tropical, with the east coast receiving the most rainfall (more than 160 inches of rain in Maroantsetra.). East coast temperatures reach an average high of 85° in the summer and 72° in the winter.

What geographical features does Madagascar have?

Madagascar consists of three parallel longitudinal zones—the central plateau, the coastal strip in the east, and the zone of low plateaus and plains in the west.

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