Does Lo Bosworth still talk to Lauren Conrad?

Does Lo Bosworth still talk to Lauren Conrad?

Conrad left The Hills in 2009 and Bosworth in 2010. However, the two of them continued to be close. In an interview with Glamour in 2010, Conrad was asked what friends mean to her. She responded, “Everything!

What happened to Lo Bosworth?

The Hills Alum Lo Bosworth Says She Suffered a ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ Two Years Ago. Lo Bosworth is opening up for the first time about a “traumatic brain injury.” On Saturday, the 34-year-old Laguna Beach and The Hills alum detailed the incident in a reflective Instagram post.

Is Lo Bosworth married to Scott?

Lo’s rep released a statement to People confirming the split, saying, “Lo and Scott are no longer together, but remain good friends.” A source close to the pair also said “they realized they [were] in different places in their lives.” Lo then moved on with businessman Jeremy Globerson in 2014, though they have since …

Does Lo Bosworth have a baby?

LC welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband William Tell on June 5, 2017. “We are thrilled to share that we welcomed our son Liam James Tell into our family,” they said in a statement.

Is Lo Bosworth friends with Audrina Patridge?

Per People, Patridge told Sweden With Love in 2015, “We went our own separate ways. We weren’t all friends before ‘The Hills,’ and we were kind of friends for the show.” Lauren “Lo” Bosworth also told Us Weekly in 2016, “Audrina wasn’t friends with us in real life, ever.

Are LC and Lo friends?

After the series ended in 2010, it’s clear they remained friends for years, as Lo was one of the Lauren’s bridesmaids in her 2014 wedding to musician William Tell. By 2016, however, it seems their dynamic started to shift.

Does Lo Bosworth get married?

Following a brief return to notoriety, thanks to a 2007 DUI arrest, she settled into a quiet life in Texas with her husband, Michael Evans, “the most kind, patient, strong, amazing, loving and ridiculously handsome human I’ve ever met,” as she put it on Instagram, and their four children.

Did Kristin go to Europe after The Hills?

Audrina Patridge finds a house in Hermosa Beach, and Kristin Cavallari decides to leave Los Angeles and move to Europe. The series’ final scene reveals that her departure to the airport was filmed in a studio backlot, responding to longtime speculation that the program was scripted.

Did Lo really work at Smashbox?

Lo Bosworth works at Smashbox. Audrina Patridge let us all in on what it’s like to work at Epic Records. Heidi Montag even tried her hand at event planning when she worked at Bolthouse Entertainment.

Why did Lauren and Lo stop talking?

I’ve always thought that maybe you were upset with me for what happened with that friend.” Meanwhile, Lauren said that the reason they stopped talking wasn’t down to the unidentified person, but simply because she wanted to take a step back from everything when she left the show.

Did Kristin go to Europe after the hills?

Is Lo Bosworth still married?

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