Does Drew Van Acker have a brother?

Does Drew Van Acker have a brother?

Drew Van Acker (born April 2, 1986) is an American actor, model and producer. He is known for playing Jason DiLaurentis, the older brother of Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017) and Ian Archer in Cartoon Network’s Tower Prep (2010)….

Drew Van Acker
Years active 2009–present

Who plays Jason DiLaurentis Season 7?

Drew Van Acker
Portrayed By: Jason DiLaurentis is a recurring character in the Freeform series, Pretty Little Liars. He was portrayed by Parker Bagley in Season 1, and by Drew Van Acker from Season 2 to Season 7.

How old is Drew Van Acker?

35 years (April 2, 1986)
Drew Van Acker/Age

How tall is Drew Acker?

6′ 0″
Drew Van Acker/Height

Who did Jason DiLaurentis date?

Jason DiLaurentis

General Information
Romances: Aria Montgomery (kissed) Melissa Hastings (kissed in flashback) Cece Drake (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: Ian Thomas Garrett Reynolds Aria Montgomery Spencer Hastings Emily Fields Mona Vanderwaal (in order to get information about “That Night”) Ella Montgomery

Why did Jason DiLaurentis change actors?

Jason Was Recast In PLL Due To The Demands Of The Role Jason continued to be a bigger piece of the puzzle as he became involved in the lives of the core group of characters. The larger role meant that the demands were amplified so a recast was deemed necessary.

Is Jason DiLaurentis in love with Aria?

Jason and Aria were in a romantic relationship during the time jump. This relationship was revealed in “Original G’A’ngsters”.

Is Jason part of the A team?

The Liars talked about how Jenna, Garrett and Jason were all working together, and “playing for the same team”. This was the very first reference to the “A-Team”. Throughout the season, the Liars continue to suspect Jenna and Garrett, and later, Melissa, of being “A”. They often referred to “A” as “them”.

Who dated Drew Van Acker?

Markie Adams
Based on many tweets and Instagram photos, Drew Van Acker is dating Markie Adams.

Who killed Alison DiLaurentis?

In Season 5, Alison’s killer is revealed to also be Big A. In “A is for Answers”, the person who tried to kill Alison and the person who buried her are two different people. Jessica DiLaurentis saw who hit Alison with a rock, and subsequently buried her daughter alive, believing she was dead.

Did Ezra sleep with Alison?

Ezra and Alison “didn’t do anything,” and in fact she lied about her age when they first met at a bar; he dumped her when he found she wasn’t 21. So, Aria and Ezra didn’t sleep together until he quit his job at the high school.

Why did Aria and Jason break up?

In Season 2, when Jason had a crush on Aria, she rejected him because she wanted to be with Ezra. In the time jump, when Aria and Jason were in a romantic relationship, they broke up because Aria accepted a job offer hoping to cross paths with Ezra again.

How old is Drew Van Acker real name?

Drew Van Acker was born on April 2, 1986. He is 35 years old (in 2021). His real name is Drew Van Acker and his nickname is Drew. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. His hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Who is Drew Van Acker from Pretty Little Liars dating?

From fashion to politics and everything in between, your Monday–Friday is upgraded. Based on many tweets and Instagram photos, Drew Van Acker is dating Markie Adams. Just who is she? Like her man, she, too, is an actress with a pretty awesome name.

How old is Drew Van Acker from Tower Prep?

On 2-4-1986 Drew Van Acker (nickname: Drew) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He made his 3 million dollar fortune with Tower Prep, Fortress, Greek. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Aries and he is now 35 years of age.

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