Does Cristiano Ronaldo have a treble?

Does Cristiano Ronaldo have a treble?

Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the PFA Fans’ Player of the Year. The Manchester United star became the first player for 30 years to win both the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year prizes in an awards ceremony in London on Sunday night. …

When did Ronaldo cry?

Cristiano Ronaldo Cries at Video of Late Father, Talks Rape Case Allegations. Cristiano Ronaldo was brought to tears after being shown a video of his late father discussing the pride he had over his son’s achievements. Ronaldo also spoke about the rape allegations that have been made against him.

Why did Ronaldo cry?

CRISTIANO RONALDO has revealed he cried so much after winning the Euros that he had to break his booze ban and neck champagne because he was so dehydrated. The Juventus superstar, 34, has won it all in his incredible career.

Who has more tap in goals Messi or Ronaldo?

If that’s the case, Ronaldo has nine to his name, while Messi has just one – his strike for Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League last season. On the other end of the spectrum, Ronaldo also has more tap-ins to his name with 15 to Messi’s 9.

How many titles has Ronaldo won?

He has won 32 trophies in his career, including seven league titles, five UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA European Championship and one UEFA Nations League.

How old is cr7?

36 years (February 5, 1985)
Cristiano Ronaldo/Age

Where is Ronaldo’s wife from?

Before entering the world of fashion, Argentina-born Rodriguez was a dancer who studied English in London before pursuing her career in modelling full-time.

Who is faster Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a very fast footballer- but Messi is faster and more agile than him. Messi’s body structure is what that helps him to change his pace so quickly and it helps him to change his direction of dribbling without having to bleed away momentum- unlike Ronaldo.

Who is the king of football now?

Lionel Messi is called as the Football king in 2021.

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