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Does 10 find out Terry is Batman?

Does 10 find out Terry is Batman?

The Gang escapes, but fate later has Ten reunited with Batman at a local nightclub. However, Batman is out as Terry McGinnis and Ten is Melanie Walker, someone Terry only knows as a mystery blonde. Terry’s girlfriend Dana has just dumped him, and this new girl moves fast in making her move.

Does Dana ever learn Terry is Batman?

In JLU’s “Epilogue,” however, viewers learned that Terry and Dana’s relationship had not only continued for 15 years but that Dana had finally learned Terry was Batman.

Is Terry a clone of Bruce?

Bruce Timm revealed that some elements of the episode were originally made for a planned Batman Beyond movie in which Terry McGinnis would have discovered that he was a clone of Bruce Wayne. However, the planned DTV was scrapped after the controversial reception of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Does Bruce know Terry is his son?

Bruce was murdered by an AI that represented the collective networks of Gotham City. But in his final moments Bruce didn’t reveal that Terry was his son. The truth about McGinnis was revealed in the Justice League Unlimited episode “Epilogue,” when an older Terry discovered that he was Bruce’s biological child.

Does Terry cheat on Dana?

In this episode, he’s outright cheating on Dana, his long-suffering and personality-deficient girlfriend. The ending of the episode is presumably an attempt to redeem him. He has a chance to start something new with Ten, but instead chooses Dana, going so far as tossing away Ten’s letter unread.

Does Damian become Batman?

Damian Wayne is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul. The character was created by Mike W. He worked with Dick Grayson, who replaced Bruce as Batman. Morrison’s Batman #666 (2007) depicts a future wherein Damian has become Batman.

Did Terry and Dana get married?

However, once speaking with Amanda Waller and learning the truth, Terry renews his life as Batman with a new perspective and assuring to take Waller’s advice to look after the people he loves, Terry finally decides to at long last propose marriage to Dana.

Who killed Terry McGinnis father?

Eventually, he was caught shoplifting, and spent three months in juvenile hall. Afterwards, family life improved a little, with Warren spending more time with his sons. Warren was murdered by Derek Powers and Mr. Fixx after he discovered his employers were creating biological weapons for a rogue nation, Kasnia.

Is Matt also Bruce’s son?

Matt McGinnis was designed using a younger look of Batman (Terry McGinnis) which led to their hair being the same style and color. It was later noted that this meant both sons of two redheads had black hair. This later makes sense when Batman (Bruce Wayne) is revealed to be their biological father.

What episode does Terry tell Dana He is Batman?

In the Justice League Unlimited episode “Epilogue”, Terry tells Bruce Wayne that he never once doubted that Warren McGinnis loved him with all his heart, and would have taught Terry right from wrong if the young man had been willing to listen.

Who married Damian Wayne?

Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (2009) reveals that he would eventually marry Nightstar (Mar’ i Grayson) with whom he would have a daughter and son, and his family has inherited the Wayne Estates after Batman’s death.

Who are the robins in order?

The following fictional characters have donned the Robin costume at various times in the main DC Universe continuity:

  • Robin I (Dick Grayson) See: Dick Grayson.
  • Robin II (Jason Todd) See: Jason Todd.
  • Robin III (Tim Drake) See: Tim Drake.
  • Robin IV (Stephanie Brown) See: Stephanie Brown.
  • Robin V (Damian Wayne)

How did Ace the dog get his name?

Ace previously appeared in the Justice League episode ” Wild Cards “. Amanda Waller serves as a government liaison, possibly replacing King Faraday. It’s possible that Ace the dog seen throughout Batman Beyond is named after Ace from the Royal Flush Gang.

Why was Ace taken in by the Joker?

Ace spent all her childhood being studied and tested, until she was taken in by the Joker and recruited into the Royal Flush Gang. Joker intended to use her to drive millions of people insane, via broadcasting signal. This plan would have succeeded, if not for Batman revealing that the Joker had a power-dampening headband with him all along.

Why did Ace want to talk to Batman?

Ace allowed Batman to get close to her, because she had read his mind and knew he had no intention of killing her. Instead, he wanted to talk her into fixing what she had changed. Ace confided in Batman about her bitterness for being cheated out of her childhood, to have been studied and trained as a weapon.

When did Terry find out he was Batman?

Twenty years later in 2039, Terrence “Terry” McGinnis discovers Batman’s identity after the aging Bruce Wayne helps him fight off a gang of Jokerz (street punks enamored by the original Clown Prince of Crime ). After Terry’s father is murdered, Terry seeks Bruce’s help to avenge him.

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