Did the Shadows write Apache?

Did the Shadows write Apache?

“Apache” is a song written by Jerry Lordan and first recorded by Bert Weedon….The Shadows version.

Composer(s) Jerry Lordan
Producer(s) Norrie Paramor
The Shadows singles chronology

Where did the Shadows come from?

London, United Kingdom
The Shadows/Origin

Where are the Shadows group now?

They permanently disbanded in 1990 but temporarily reformed in 2004-05 for a UK and European tour and again during 2008–10 to tour with Cliff Richard.

Who composed Apache by the Shadows?

Jerry Lordan

Who replaced Jet Harris in the shadows?

Brian Locking
Obituary: Brian Locking, bass guitarist with the Shadows for 18 eventful months in the 1960s. Died: October 8, 2020. BRIAN ‘Licorice’ Locking was bass guitarist with the Shadows, the influential British instrumental rock group, for eighteen months, replacing founder member Jet Harris.

Who played lead guitar on Apache?

Lordan hadn’t recorded the song himself – the first recording was by the Guitarist Bert Weedon, but Lordan wasn’t thrilled with his version, and Weedon’s record company hadn’t yet released the song, so The Shadows cut their own version which became a #1 UK hit for five weeks and was voted Record of the Year by NME.

Who was The Shadows lead guitarist?

Hank Marvin
Bruce Welch
The Shadows/Guitarists

the Shadows, London-based instrumental rock group whose distinctive sound exerted a strong influence on other young British musicians in the 1960s and beyond. The original members were lead guitarist Hank B. Marvin (original name Brian Robson Rankin; b.

Who replaced Jet Harris in The Shadows?

Are any of the original shadows still alive?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | The Shadows founder member dies. The original drummer with pop group The Shadows, who played on hits such as Apache, has died aged 62. Tony Meehan was a founding member of the group, famous for backing Sir Cliff Richard and their own instrumental hits, from 1958 until 1961.

When did the shadows last perform?

Despite all their success, on December 1, 1990, due to growing tensions within the band, The Shadows split, playing what they thought was to be their final gig. Welch reflects that they never had the chance say goodbye to their fans properly – until now.

Who’s the lead singer of The Shadows?

Hank Marvin
Occupation(s) Musician vocalist songwriter
Instruments Guitar banjo vocals piano
Years active 1958–present
Associated acts The Shadows Cliff Richard Marvin, Welch & Farrar

Who wrote Apache?

Originally written in the late 1950s by Jerry Lordan, a singer/songwriter in the U.K., the instrumental “Apache” was inspired by the 1954 Burt Lancaster action movie of the same name.

When did Apache by the shadows come out?

According to the UK Official Charts Company, “Apache” was the 28th best-selling single of the 1960s. Danish guitarist Jørgen Ingmann recorded a cover of “Apache” in October 1960 after hearing the Shadows’ version, which had recently been released in Denmark.

Who was the guitarist for Apache by the shadows?

The Shadows guitarist was a 6-string wizard named Hank Marvin, and his work on this song inspired a legion of young British guitarists. In a 1963 interview for NME magazine, The Shadows referred to this song as an example of what distinctive sound they had that made them special.

When did Sugarhill Gang cover Apache by Shadows?

The Sugarhill Gang did a popular cover of the song in 1981. Movies that used this song include Baby Love (1968) and Scandal (1988). Hank Marvin recalled to Uncut magazine the band’s reaction after Jerry Lordan played his demo to the Shadows on the back of their tour bus.

Who was the original singer of the song Apache?

” Apache ” is a song written by Jerry Lordan and first recorded by Bert Weedon. It is best known in the UK for the version by the Shadows, which topped the UK Singles Chart for five weeks. However, in the US, it is better known for the cover by Danish guitarist Jørgen Ingmann, which peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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