Did Haymitch tell Peeta what he shared with Katniss?

Did Haymitch tell Peeta what he shared with Katniss?

Did Haymitch tell Peeta what he shared with Katniss? No, he’s already there.

What advice does Haymitch share with Katniss and Peeta Chapter 7?

What does Haymitch advise Katniss and Peeta to do in training? Haymitch advises Katniss to keep her bow skills a secret during the general training sessions and only to reveal them during her private session with the Gamemakers. He tells them to pick up useful skills during group training – not show off.

Why did Haymitch send a feast to Peeta and Katniss?

Katniss knows it will have the medicine Peeta needs to recover. What does Haymitch send Katniss? Katniss will use it to drug Peeta so she can go get his medicine at the “feast” because Peeta will not let her go risk her life for him.

What happens in Chapter 8 of Hunger Games?

Summary: Chapter 8 The Gamemakers score the tributes from one to twelve based on their performance, and Katniss is certain her score will be very low. Katniss tells her story, and everyone is shocked but Haymitch, who finds it amusing. When the scores are announced, Peeta gets an eight and Katniss gets an eleven.

What does Katniss know about her relationship with Haymitch?

Though Haymitch provokes Katniss at times, she realizes he is a trustworthy confidant to her and Peeta, especially as she works to protect all of their loved ones. Katniss knows that he is incredibly intelligent.

What did Haymitch know about Katniss and Peeta?

Haymitch also knew that Peeta didn’t have to ‘fake’ being in love with Katniss, like she did with him. He knew as well that Katniss thought Peeta was faking. After the Games were over it was Katniss he warned about the stir the berries had caused, and that she had to convince everyone she was desperately in love with Peeta.

How old was Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games?

There is no information on his childhood. At age 16, Haymitch was reaped in the Second Quarter Quell (or the 50th Hunger Games) along with female tribute, Maysilee Donner, and two unnamed male and female tributes.

Why does Haymitch Abernathy sleep with a knife?

Because of the horror he experienced and witnessed during his Games, as well as the horror of watching every child he mentors each year being killed, he resorted to becoming a drunk and sleeps with a knife for protection. The Games have scarred him so badly he still cannot sleep without some fear of being attacked.

Why is Haymitch angry at Katniss in The Hunger Games?

Haymitch had advised Peeta and Katniss to avoid the Cornucopia and instead run for safety, but… (full context) By the next day, Katniss is desperate for water and angry that Haymitch hasn’t sent her any. She believes she must have sponsors who want to send her… (full context)

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