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Can you mix R438A with R22?

Can you mix R438A with R22?

Mixing refrigerants is never recommended. However, based on the similar operating conditions of Freon™ MO99 and R-22, system damange would not be expected.

Is R438A a drop in replacement for R22?

R422D and R438A are said to be most suitable as replacements for R22 in existing DX water chiller systems, residential, commercial air conditioning and medium/low temperature refrigeration systems.

Which refrigerant is compatible with R22?

The best replacement for R-22 Freon is usually R-407c. It has a very low loss in capacity (0 – 5%) relative to R-22 and is less expensive than many other R-22 replacement refrigerants. If a system has R22 in it already you cannot use a replacement refrigerant to simply add to the R22.

Can you mix R22 with another refrigerant?

Mixing R22 with R407C or any other refrigerant. According to the 609 EPA rule, mixing refrigerants is illegal and anybody caught doing so will be heavily fined. If your system is running on R22 most likely is using mineral oil to lubricate the compressor.

What is R438A refrigerant used for?

R438A (Freon™/Isceon MO99) is a HFC blend, used as a replacement for R22 in domestic, industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. It is also a retrofit replacement for R22 in low and medium temperature refrigeration systems and DX chiller systems.

Can I use R290 instead of R22?

Minus40 hydrocarbon refrigerant is R290, a pure refrigerant grade of propane. It can and is already being used in medium and low temperature refrigeration and air conditioning systems as an alternative to HCFC-R22. It is suitable for transport refrigeration and static cool room applications.

What oil is used with r438a?

mineral oil
R-438A is compatible with mineral oil (MO), alkylbenzene (AB), and polyol ester (POE) lubricants, so in most cases no change of lubricant is required during a retrofit.

How much is 2lbs of freon?

Freon costs $50 to $80 per pound for R410A or $90 to $150 per pound for R22, installed. Most central air conditioners need 2 to 4 pounds to recharge the refrigerant….Freon Cost Per Pound.

Type Wholesale Cost Per Pound Cost Installed Per Pound
R422B $6 – $9 $60 – $100
R134A $4 – $10 $50 – $110

Can I convert from R22 to R410A?

No. You can’t do that. It probably wouldn’t work. Even though you put a compressor in there that’s R410A, the rest of condenser probably isn’t tested and rated for operating at R410A pressures because R410A has to operate at a higher pressure.

What can I add to R22 system?

Substitutes for R22 in air conditioning systems and heat pumps

  • R407C as substitute for R22.
  • R410A as substitute for R22.
  • R417A/417B/422D/438A as substitutes for R22.
  • R427A as a substitute for R22.
  • R32 as substitute for R22.

What can I top off R22 with?

MO99 is compatible with mineral oil and POE oil providing a quick, cost-effective R-22 replacement, and can be topped off during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge.

What kind of refrigerant do you use for R-22?

Among those products is Freon™ MO99™ (R-438A), a retrofit refrigerant for R-22 that does not require an oil change. Freon™ MO99™ works with: Residential and commercial air conditioning systems (rooftop and indoor packages units, direct expansion chillers, split systems)

What can be used as a replacement for R22?

RS-44 is a direct drop-in replacement for R22 in ac applications in systems with a capillary as well as an expansion device. There is no need to change the lubricant since, as with all the RS series of refrigerants, RS-44 is compatible with mineral, alkyl benzene and POE oils.

How is R-438A used in refrigeration and air conditioning?

R-438A is a non-ozone depleting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant blend which can be used. to retrofit existing hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant R-22 refrigeration and air conditioning systems with. direct expansion evaporators and positive displacement compressors.

Which is better R-22 or Mo99 refrigerant?

MO99 has a reduced discharge temperature in comparison to R-22, which may extend the life of the compressor. 6. The MO99 refrigerant is less flammable With less than 3% hydrocarbons, the flammability risk is minimized under normal circumstances.

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