Can you merge WoW1 and WoW2?

Can you merge WoW1 and WoW2?

The licenses are modular in that, (although we don’t make it easy to do this) they can be put on a or removed. However – separate licenses cannot be combined into a singular license. We can’t merge WoW1 into WoW2 and just make it one big license.

Can multiple people use the same blizzard account?

Only you are allowed to access an account registered in your name. We don’t recognize the transfer of accounts between individuals.

Can you transfer a WOW account to another account?

Games can only be transferred from an account to another to Combine Accounts.

Can I transfer a character from one account to another?

The Character Transfer service allows you to move characters to other realms, different World of Warcraft accounts, or from one account to another. To transfer a character to another account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name.

How do I make a second account?

You can add new accounts through your Games & Subscriptions Account Management page. The next time you launch the App, use the drop-down menu on top of the PLAY button to select the World of Warcraft account you want to log into.

Can I transfer wow characters between accounts?

Can you merge Call of Duty accounts?

If you choose to link your platform account to another Activision account, your progress will not carry over. Your progress and content aren’t lost. If you relink this platform account to the original Activision account, you can continue your progression and access your owned content.

Can I unlink a wow account?

It is not possible to delete individual World of Warcraft accounts from your account. You can also delete your whole account. Blizzard Customer Support cannot assist with deleting accounts.

How do I transfer a WOW character to another account?

How do I transfer my character?

  1. Log in to Account Management.
  2. Select the World of Warcraft license that has the character you want to transfer.
  3. Click Character & Guild Services on the bottom ribbon.
  4. Click Character Transfer.
  5. Select your current realm and character from the list on the right.

How do I transfer a WoW character to another account?

How much does it cost to transfer a character to another account in WoW?

A Character Transfer, previously Paid Character Transfer Service (PCT), is a paid service that allows the user to move characters to other realms, between two World of Warcraft accounts or from one Blizzard account to another. The cost of each paid character transfer is $25 / 20€ / £15 / ₩24,000.

How many Blizzard accounts can you have? Balance is not a bank account. And, while you can register and play on multiple Accounts, you are not allowed to have more than three (3) Accounts with Balance.

How do you combine Wow accounts?

Select the realm that contains the character you wish to transfer, using the drop-down menus. Click “Move Character” next to the name of the character that you want to transfer to your second account. Click the checkbox in the Character Transfer Form to move the character to a different account.

Can you merge Blizzard accounts?

Here are the steps to get this done: Go to this site to start the process. You may already be signed in with one of your accounts (I was signed in and linked for PS4 already), but you will have to link your Blizzard Then you hit Steam to link, and it will show you the current PC account you have, which will show your Guardians, and the licenses you have for

How do you create a Blizzard account?

Creating a Account. Open your browser and navigate to Click on the game you played on your Blizzard account. You will be directed to’s home page for that particular game. Click on the tab labeled “Account.”. You will be directed to a log-in screen.

Is it possible to merge acounts?

Even though users cannot merge 2 or more Microsoft accounts, they can add aliases accounts. Alias accounts are created to hide the primary email account. If you are using Outlook to manage your emails, you can add up to 10 aliases.

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