Can I use my tmobile phone on MetroPCS?

Can I use my tmobile phone on MetroPCS?

T-Mobile phones work on metro service, as long as you have a phone that is paid off, then you have to take it to metro so they register the numbers on the back, in others words they put the phone on their system…. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

Can I put a Metro SIM card in a tmobile phone?

Will A MetroPCS Sim Card Work In A T-Mobile Phone? The straightforward answer would be YES. T-Mobiles phones are GSM, which means you will need to have it unlocked to use the MetroPCS SIM. This is because the GSM phones need to be unlocked if you want to use some other network carrier.

Can I switch from T-Mobile to MetroPCS?

To switch to Metro by T-Mobile and BYOP, you’ll first need to unlock your phone and make sure it’s compatible with a Metro SIM card (can be done online). Then, all you need to do is pick a Metro plan and visit a Metro store in person.

How do I activate a tmobile phone on MetroPCS?

Be sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi on your phone and head to Metro by T-Mobile’s Self-Service Center. If you do not have Wi-Fi access, you can call Customer CARE at 1-888-8metro8 to activate. You may also activate using a computer with an internet connection—be sure to have your device nearby.

Can I switch from tmobile to MetroPCS and keep my number?

Yes, it is possible to keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. Be sure to keep your old phone and old account until your number is fully activated on your new account for seamless service.

Is MetroPCS the same as tmobile?

T-Mobile has owned MetroPCS since 2013 and changed the name to Metro by T-Mobile in 2018. Metro runs on (you guessed it) T-Mobile’s network and uses its towers to provide coverage.

Can I port my number from MetroPCS to T-Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. First, check if your existing number is eligible for transfer to T-Mobile. If it is, simply follow the on-screen instructions displayed during check-out to authorize the transfer. We’ll do the rest.

Can I just switch SIM cards between MetroPCS phones?

If you already have MetroPCS service and want to move it to another phone, be sure the phone is compatible with MetroPCS by checking online. Then, move the SIM card from your old phone to a new phone. If the old SIM card is a format that doesn’t work in your new phone, contact MetroPCS for a new SIM card.

Can I switch from T-Mobile to MetroPCS and keep my number?

How much does it cost to switch from T-Mobile to Metro?

Starting July 29, switch and upgrade to Metro by T-Mobile for just $25/month with trade in for one line of unlimited talk, text and high-speed smartphone data including unlimited 5G on T-Mobile’s award-winning 5G network at no extra cost.

Can I activate my T-mobile phone online?

Activate T-mobile SIM card Online To activate your new SIM card online, first insert your new SIM card and then go to the T-Mobile SIM website. Once you access your account, enter your phone number and your phone’s PIN. Then, select Submit to activate your new SIM.

Can you just swap SIM cards on MetroPCS phones?

Before you switch out the SIM cards, you’ll also want to contact MetroPCS and tell them the make and model of your new phone. Make sure that it’s a type of device that works on their network. Remove the SIM card. Then, do the same thing with your new phone, and transfer the old SIM into the new phone.

Can a T-Mobile phone work with Metro PCS?

Yes a T-Mobile phone will work on MetroPCS. The phone must be unlocked, you can not be still in contract with T-Mobile, you can not owe T-Mobile money, and you can not still be in the process of paying off your phone to T-Mobile. T-Mobile will unlock the phone for you if you have met…

Can you use at & T Alcatel One on Metro PCS?

Hi there @ tringr78 ! Thank you for posting your question on the AT Community Forums. You can absolutely use your AT Alcatel One phone on Metro PCS. First, you will want to ensure that the phone is unlocked for use on other carriers.

Can You Keep Your att account with Metro PCS?

As far as your question of, “will I be able to keep my ATT account,” provided your specific Alcatel device is compatible with ATT’s network, the device is unlocked by Metro PCS, and you get an ATT SIM card for your device, you’ll be set to go and everything, except the device, on your existing account will stay the same.

Can you get a free T Mobile phone?

Yes. T-mobile sometimes runs free phone promotions. Their promotions tend to give you a new phone with the price of the phone credited over 2 or 3 years per invoice. Example, My parents obtained a “Free Phone” from TMo. Cost was $480.

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