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Are there any brands that have a circle logo?

Major brands like Firefox, LG, Burger King, the Olympics sport (pun not intended) a circular shape within their logo. So as a follow up to our discussion on famous triangle logos we’re turning our attention to the awesome circle logos of the world to learn why circles work so well in freelance logo design. Need a circle logo?

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What do the double rings on the WordPress logo mean?

The double rings on the circle gives it an even stronger message of stability, which is another important message that WordPress hopes to send. AT’s mission is to “help connect its customers with their world”. The circular lines around the globe give a technical feel as well as further support the global connection message.

The Pinterest logo is a good example of how a circular graphic can be feminine. The simple yet effective logo looks like a target and pin combined. A metaphor that similtaneously conveys the brand’s values of connection and community.

If you think, though, that a pink logo is not for your company because you have — or want to have — many male customers, you are mistaken. It’s true that there are fewer well-known companies with pink logos than prominent companies with logos in many other colors. That includes blue, which is regarded by many people as the male equivalent of pink.

Which is more popular a pink or blue logo?

However, blue is in fact far more popular among women than pink, according to a poll of 1,974 men and women. Nevertheless, there is a reason that companies like Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, LG Corporation, Pepto-Bismol, T-Mobile, Haier, Lyft, Vineyard Vines, and Taco Bell have partially pink or pink logos.

How did the color pink get its name?

Pink is a color with the combination of red and white. It derived its name from frilled edges of a flower called Pinks. Pink being a mild color is not dominant among the brand design since it largely associated with femininity, childhood and romance.

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